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Use Linux? Watch this!

by cw  

Greg Kroah-Hartmann, one of the Linux Kernel devs, gives an interesting Q&A to Google about Linux Kernel Development. Very interesting to see the rate of development particularly, and the KVM virtualisation. [video:youtube:L2SED6sewRw]For those that… more »

New 30 bit colour displays for all?

by cw  

Hp have just announced that they have been collaborating with Dreamworks to create a new technology in the colour display range. What this means to Joe and Jane Average, is that their new TVs and monitors will have a greater clarity of colour, with less… more »

The Lives of Others

by cw  

Saw a fantastic movie tonight with my wife;The Lives of Others or Leben der Anderen, Das.Looking at the East German secret police in the near past, it tackles the human cost of state control, and does so brilliantly.Won't spoil it for you, you should wat… more »
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Category: "Movies"
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